Thursday, March 15, 2018

9 Fun Ways to Celebrate St Patrick's Day With Your Pampered Pooch

Parades, special foods, music, dancing, and of course, eating the greens, raising the green and stepping out are just a few of the ways millions spend St Patrick's Day. Yes, a day like no other when green is all the new rage, and everyone is Irish for a day.

But while thoughts of St Patrick's Day tend to conjure up the Irish, Guinness, leprechaun, shamrocks, corned beef and cabbage and Irish soda bread, for pet parents "the Day of the Festival of Patrick" creates the perfect opportunity to bond with your favorite pet by having then join in the festivities. Here are 9 fun ways to spend St Patrick's Day to make it even more memorable for you and your pampered pooch.

1. Get in the St Patrick's Day spirit - Get Dressed Up!

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Yes, going green has never been more fun or stylish.  Show your versatility and style when you and your pet get dressed up. With so many costume ideas, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination, and what better way to get into the St Patrick's Day spirit.  You'll both look amazing and have fun doing it. And remember it only takes a little bit of green to make a big splash.

2. Take your pooch to a pet friendly pub, restaurant, or lounge to celebrate

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Pet friendly hotels and outdoor restaurants are not only places you can take your furry friend for some entertainment but a great way to spend the Feast of Saint Patrick. You can relax and enjoy a pint, corned beef and cabbage, or simply rosé all day if you dare, while your furry companion gets to hang out with other fun loving pets. And why not, only the best for our pampered pets.

3. With plenty of St Patrick's Day Festivals make it a day out with your pet

From dog parades to fun festivals, get ready for a treat as you and your pooch revel in all that St Patrick's Day has to offer. But start your planning early, start looking around now to see what your local scene has to offer. We're certain there are fun loving pet friendly activities awaiting you both.

4. Order up or bake a batch of St Paddy's Day treats

St Patrick's Day Dog Treats, Best Dog Treats for St Patrick's Day

If you're one of those pet parents with a knack for baking, spending a little quality time in the kitchen with your pet to bake up a few delicious treats will be worth every second. And for those who aren't, believe it or not, making up your own treat has now become easier than ever. With countless options for homemade rather than store bought dog treats, there is absolutely no shortages of fabulous options for you to try. Do it yourself this St Patrick's Day, you will love the sheer joy on your pet’s face from devouring a great treat that you made, enough to warm any proud pet parent’s heart.

5. Make it a day of luxurious pampering at the Dog Spa

A spa day for your fur baby is a great way to spend St Patrick’s Day. As pet parents with busy lives and lifestyles we often don't get to spend as much time with our little bundle of joy as we would like. Take some time to bring out the shine in your dapper dog. And if being a home body is all you can muster, take the easy and convenient way out and pamper your pooch with mobile groomers. That's right, no need for the hassle of taking your baby across town, have a relaxed day while having your pet pampered in the comfort of your own home.

6. Organize a play date or make it a St Patrick's Day Party or Soiree

Play dates and puppy parties are all the latest rage.  Invite your pet parent friends over and turn a St Patrick's Day Party into an annual tradition.
Required: 1. Fun loving pet parents with pooch
                 2. Green attire / Pet and parent
                 3. A favorite St Paddy's Day beverage / Something special for your fur babies
                 4. Eats to commemorate the occasion / Puppy treats
                 5. A few fun dog toys
Optional:  1. Dog leash
Outcome:  Happiness, peace, and plenty!

7. Have a blast with a fun pet DIY project

What a great time to tackle one or all those fun pet projects you have had to put off for so long. Remember that metal crate that sits in the corner of what is now a dead space. Now is the time to transform boring into beautiful and create a space your pooch will absolutely love. A great crate cover set makes all the difference, and while your pet will love this re-energized hidden oasis that is now his crate, you will love the new life a little touch of color brings to your homes decor. So, what other pet projects have you been held back from competing lately?

8. Treat yourself and your pet: Have a surprise shipped to you or make it a shopping date

Who doesn't love a surprise? Open a package this St Patrick's Day and unwrap not one, but two fabulous surprises for you and your pooch. The possibilities are endless, but why not relax and let Chic Sassy Pets make this dream a reality with a luxury pet product delivered to your door. And if you simply need to get out, dress your trend setting pooch in green and make it a shopping date to remember. Of course, looking as fabulous as you both will, you are sure to turn heads this St Patrick's Day.

9.  Take a trip

Finally, planning and taking a trip can be a great way to recharge and spend quality time with your pet. And depending on your desired destination, the right dog travel accessories and a great pet friendly hotel may be all you need.

The time is now!

As St Patrick's Day looms, we are reminded not only of its significance but of the great opportunity it presents to incorporate our pets into the festivities. Our 9 fun ways are just a few of the countless options available to pet owners today with a desire to continuously include their pets in their daily lives and activities. Of course, these are not only reserved for St Patrick's Day and can be incorporated anytime.

Whatever your chose to do with your pets this St Patrick's Day, "Wishing you the many wonderful things that an Irish blessing will bring. Happiness, joy, love, and laughter, may your day be content and may you smile happily ever after! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!"



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