Monday, February 5, 2018

Designer Dog Carrier Purses You Wish You Had

Fashion forward, fashionista, jetsetter, yes, you may already be familiar with these words, but these have become familiar reference points for today’s pet parents. Outward bound pioneers seeking to boldly go where no pet parent has gone before. No surprise, pet industry participants have had to find innovative ways to keep abreast with and meet the growing demands of a discerning, resource laden, pet loving, ever conscious consumer.

designer dog carrier purses

Yes, that’s us and why should we compromise when the world is undoubtedly our oyster.  Today, we have a vast array of options to choose from and when it comes to travel, to coin a phrase, “No problem.” Designer dog carrier purses and dog walking purses have redefined how we view travel with our pets. In this post we will examine just a few of the varied options available to you to make travel with your pet easy and fun.

Functional Traditional Dog Carriers

This stylish luxury dog carriers is true to form, functional, easy to carry, and perhaps most important, provide a comfortable place for your fur babies when you travel.
Traditional Designer Dog Carrier Purses

Dog Walking Purses

Sling style dog carriers provide flexibility as well as versatility in a fun hipster style designer dog bag.

Modern Sling Designer Dog Carrier Purses

Designer Dog Carrier Purses

Puppy purses and handbag style dog carriers provide a stylish, fashionable option for pet owners to carry their fur babies around. Now you can sneak your pet into places with ease and comfort knowing they are comfortable but most importantly, they are with you.  These designer dog carrier purses come in a multitude of shapes, designs, texture, color, and silhouette to suite any taste and or lifestyle.

Modern Luxury Designer Dog Carrier Purses

What Makes A Great Luxury Carrier?

Remember the days when the only option was to leave our pet at home or perhaps hire a sitter? Well, say goodbye to yesteryear and hello to todays fun, carefree, designer dog carrier purses. With the right dog travel accessories, yesterdays impossibility is now todays norm. But before you go shopping for your new carrier, consider the following must have features sure to make this your best purchase ever:
  • Durability: Select a carrier that is made from durable materials, built to last and able to withstand the test of time or whatever your fur baby dishes out.
  • Ease of use: How easy is it to load and unload your pet.
  • Ventilation: Is the ventilation sufficient.
  • The airplane test: Is your carrier airplane approved.
  • Comfort: Will my pet be comfortable during transit.
  • Cleaning: How easy is it to clean 

Easy Enough, Where Do I Get One?

So, as you search to find the perfect pet carrier accessory that is as hip and stylish as you are, have your specific criteria in hand. Make a bold choice and have fun carrying your dapper dog around my fabulous pet parents. Our Chic Sassy Pets luxury dog products and accessories boutique has all the dog walking accessories and dog travel accessories you'll ever need. Make a selection from or dog walking purses and or designer dog carrier purses. We are your destination luxury pet products boutique for one reason, we care as much about your pampered pooch as you do.  Shop today!


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