Thursday, February 1, 2018

Essential Luxury Dog Products And Accessories For Every Pampered Pooch

Well, let’s face it, today’s pet parents are mobile, jet setting fashionistas and trend setting hipsters who are making bold moves with pet fashion and luxury dog clothes; What a life! You are not afraid to dress your pets and have them look as fashionable as you do, and why shouldn’t you! Gone are the days when we sit quietly by and watch the neighbors pup strut its stuff in silence, we’re getting our babies in the game and they’re here to play.

Yes, only the best for our pampered pets, and dress to impress we shall. But if you want that polished pooch overnight, and you do, what's in your home and closet?

From seasonal accessories to formal occasions there is an outfit sure to have your pup featuring the coolest styles. But being a pampered pooch isn't all about the clothes! In this post we explore our bare essential luxury dog products and accessories we believe every pampered pooch should have.  Do you have a rising star? If yes, why not roll out the red carpet and give him or her the royal treatment they deserve.

Warmth, Style, Comfort - Designer Dog Sweaters

It’s always a great idea to have on hand essential layers especially for times when it gets unreasonably cold. And why not do it in style with fashion forward luxury dog clothes such as great designer dog sweaters. These are perfect for a fashionable pup during the winter months or any occasion that warrants.

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Plush Luxury - High End Dog Beds

A quiet, secluded, comfortable place to relax and unwind is a must-have in the form of a great luxury dog bed. There are myriads of options to choose from and don’t worry, you won’t have to compromise on your homes d├ęcor either. These designer style dog beds are simply just to die for, offering charming patterns, function and durability, classic colors, and stylish prints with options for dogs of all shapes and sizes; And yes, even Spike gets a bed! Let’s not forget styles, furniture style dog bedslounger dog bedsluxury dog matsround dog bedsrectangular dog beds, dog pillows, so many to choose from, the choice is yours, but of course caveats. Remember as with most things, our dogs, pets, love bugs aren’t all created equal, so think about both your needs and your pets, then have fun picking out luxury dog products and accessories you both will just be gaga over.

High End Dog Beds

Want To Rule The Dog Part?

So, who’s going to rule the dog parks? I must say my baby will certainly be the trendiest in any park, will yours? Now when you come down to brass tacks, if we may be allowed the expression, a glamorous designer dog carrier purse (this ones for you), a chic designer dog dress (this ones for her) and or a designer dog shirt, is a must have to bring the dog park to its knees. You will look fabulous carrying your baby around, and your baby will turn heads wherever you go simply from being fashionably dressed.

Getting Dressed Up Isn't Just About Clothes!

Lest we forget, getting dressed up isn’t all about the clothes. Great luxury dog products and accessories such as a luxury dog collar and designer dog lead can ideally be transformational when adorned by your pet as well, and sure to win a prize at the dog park. You have plenty to choose from, and now you’ll have a simple and safe means for you to broaden the scope of activities with your pet; Who’s in control now?

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Did Your Pets Wardrobe Pass The Test?

So, what’s the moral of the story, well here goes. Put on your designer clothes, select your favorite carrier, dress you baby in chic, a luxury collar and lead to boot, and go rock the dog park. And if you fear your pets wardrobe is not up to par, simply visit our Chic Sassy Pets luxury dog products and accessories boutique, you'll be glad you did. Shop today!


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