Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Rare French Bulldog Colors That May Surprise You

Brindle French Bulldog

The irresistible French Bulldog has had a rich history dating back to the mid-1800s. Immortalized as an active, intelligent, muscular dog of heavy bone, smooth coat, compact build, and medium or small structure, this breed has skyrocketed to popularity. Breeding over time has resulted in a myriad of colorings, including several rare French Bulldog colors! In this post, we'll walk you through some of the most common and most rare colorings for this breed.

There's Much to Love About Frenchies!

Fawn French Bulldog

French bulldogs are well behaved, adaptable, and comfortable companions with an affectionate nature and even disposition. They are also generally alert and playful, but not unduly boisterous. These are the traits that we have all fallen in love with in this vastly amusing and companionable breed. And of course, they come in all different kinds of colors!

Some Background Info on Coloring

Before we can explore the more unique colors of this exceptional canine, we first need to understand the rules. By that we mean, the standards as it pertains to this breed's coloring.

What colors should purebred French Bulldogs really have? According to the French Bulldog Club and the American Kennel Club, the French Bulldog Breed Standard on color states, “Acceptable colors - All brindle, fawn, white, brindle and white, and any color except those which constitute disqualification. All colors are acceptable with the exception of solid black, mouse, liver, black and tan, black and white, and white with black, which are disqualifications. Black means black without a trace of brindle.”

What does this mean for you if your pup is solid black or among the other exceptions you may ask? While he or she may not qualify to participate in the sport of purebred dogs, you’ll still have the pleasure of enjoying the company of your wonderful bat eared, fun loving charmer who's guaranteed to provide laughter, fun, joy and adventure for many years to come.

Simply put, we have Frenchies with colors that are within the standard and those that fall outside the standard. Those outside the standard are often called fad colors and may be referred to as rare French Bulldog colors. Let’s explore the many colors of our Frenchie companion!  One thing for sure as it relates to the French Bulldog is that we love all the uniqueness and wonder they present in whatever shade of color we are fortunate to know or have them.

Colors Within the Standard

First along our journey is a depiction of the breed colors best represented as outlined in the French Bulldog Breed Standard. 

Black Mask Fawn French Bulldog

Cream French Bulldog

Fawn French Bulldogs

White French Bulldog

Brindle And White French Bulldog

Relaxed Brindle French Bulldog

Outside the Standard - Rare French Bulldog Colors

The following breed colors are outside the French Bulldog Breed Standard. Does your pup have any of these traits?

Blue Fawn French Bulldog - Rare French Bulldog Colors

Mouse is also described as: Blue, Grey, Blue Brindle, Blue Pied, Lilac, or Lavender.  Often this coat color exhibits yellow or light-colored eyes.

Blue Brindle French Bulldog - Rare French Bulldog Colors

Chocolate French Bulldog - Rare French Bulldog Colors

Liver has a solid brown coat, including a self-colored brown or pink nose; not black.  Occasionally exhibits yellow or light eyes.  Sometimes called Chocolate

Solid Black French Bulldog - Rare French Bulldog Colors

Black has black areas with no trace of brindle patterning. Also described as solid black if no white markings are present.

Blue And Tan French Bulldog - Rare French Bulldog Colors

Merle French Bulldog - Rare French Bulldog Colors

Chocolate And Tan French Bulldog - Rare French Bulldog Colors

Show Love To All Frenchies!

Whatever the coloring of this gem of a canine, we can all agree they deserve an exceptional home filled with love, pampering and a responsible pet parent.  Show your love today and treat them to high quality beds, treats, toys, grooming products and much more, shop Chic Sassy Pets. We're your home for all your luxury dog product needs. 
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Thursday, March 15, 2018

9 Fun Ways to Celebrate St Patrick's Day With Your Pampered Pooch

Parades, special foods, music, dancing, and of course, eating the greens, raising the green and stepping out are just a few of the ways millions spend St Patrick's Day. Yes, a day like no other when green is all the new rage, and everyone is Irish for a day.

But while thoughts of St Patrick's Day tend to conjure up the Irish, Guinness, leprechaun, shamrocks, corned beef and cabbage and Irish soda bread, for pet parents "the Day of the Festival of Patrick" creates the perfect opportunity to bond with your favorite pet by having then join in the festivities. Here are 9 fun ways to spend St Patrick's Day to make it even more memorable for you and your pampered pooch.

1. Get in the St Patrick's Day spirit - Get Dressed Up!

Dog Fashion, Dog Clothing, Dog Clothes, St Patrick's Day Dogs

Yes, going green has never been more fun or stylish.  Show your versatility and style when you and your pet get dressed up. With so many costume ideas, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination, and what better way to get into the St Patrick's Day spirit.  You'll both look amazing and have fun doing it. And remember it only takes a little bit of green to make a big splash.

2. Take your pooch to a pet friendly pub, restaurant, or lounge to celebrate

St Patrick's Day Food, Best Foods for St Patrick's Day

Pet friendly hotels and outdoor restaurants are not only places you can take your furry friend for some entertainment but a great way to spend the Feast of Saint Patrick. You can relax and enjoy a pint, corned beef and cabbage, or simply rosé all day if you dare, while your furry companion gets to hang out with other fun loving pets. And why not, only the best for our pampered pets.

3. With plenty of St Patrick's Day Festivals make it a day out with your pet

From dog parades to fun festivals, get ready for a treat as you and your pooch revel in all that St Patrick's Day has to offer. But start your planning early, start looking around now to see what your local scene has to offer. We're certain there are fun loving pet friendly activities awaiting you both.

4. Order up or bake a batch of St Paddy's Day treats

St Patrick's Day Dog Treats, Best Dog Treats for St Patrick's Day

If you're one of those pet parents with a knack for baking, spending a little quality time in the kitchen with your pet to bake up a few delicious treats will be worth every second. And for those who aren't, believe it or not, making up your own treat has now become easier than ever. With countless options for homemade rather than store bought dog treats, there is absolutely no shortages of fabulous options for you to try. Do it yourself this St Patrick's Day, you will love the sheer joy on your pet’s face from devouring a great treat that you made, enough to warm any proud pet parent’s heart.

5. Make it a day of luxurious pampering at the Dog Spa

A spa day for your fur baby is a great way to spend St Patrick’s Day. As pet parents with busy lives and lifestyles we often don't get to spend as much time with our little bundle of joy as we would like. Take some time to bring out the shine in your dapper dog. And if being a home body is all you can muster, take the easy and convenient way out and pamper your pooch with mobile groomers. That's right, no need for the hassle of taking your baby across town, have a relaxed day while having your pet pampered in the comfort of your own home.

6. Organize a play date or make it a St Patrick's Day Party or Soiree

Play dates and puppy parties are all the latest rage.  Invite your pet parent friends over and turn a St Patrick's Day Party into an annual tradition.
Required: 1. Fun loving pet parents with pooch
                 2. Green attire / Pet and parent
                 3. A favorite St Paddy's Day beverage / Something special for your fur babies
                 4. Eats to commemorate the occasion / Puppy treats
                 5. A few fun dog toys
Optional:  1. Dog leash
Outcome:  Happiness, peace, and plenty!

7. Have a blast with a fun pet DIY project

What a great time to tackle one or all those fun pet projects you have had to put off for so long. Remember that metal crate that sits in the corner of what is now a dead space. Now is the time to transform boring into beautiful and create a space your pooch will absolutely love. A great crate cover set makes all the difference, and while your pet will love this re-energized hidden oasis that is now his crate, you will love the new life a little touch of color brings to your homes decor. So, what other pet projects have you been held back from competing lately?

8. Treat yourself and your pet: Have a surprise shipped to you or make it a shopping date

Who doesn't love a surprise? Open a package this St Patrick's Day and unwrap not one, but two fabulous surprises for you and your pooch. The possibilities are endless, but why not relax and let Chic Sassy Pets make this dream a reality with a luxury pet product delivered to your door. And if you simply need to get out, dress your trend setting pooch in green and make it a shopping date to remember. Of course, looking as fabulous as you both will, you are sure to turn heads this St Patrick's Day.

9.  Take a trip

Finally, planning and taking a trip can be a great way to recharge and spend quality time with your pet. And depending on your desired destination, the right dog travel accessories and a great pet friendly hotel may be all you need.

The time is now!

As St Patrick's Day looms, we are reminded not only of its significance but of the great opportunity it presents to incorporate our pets into the festivities. Our 9 fun ways are just a few of the countless options available to pet owners today with a desire to continuously include their pets in their daily lives and activities. Of course, these are not only reserved for St Patrick's Day and can be incorporated anytime.

Whatever your chose to do with your pets this St Patrick's Day, "Wishing you the many wonderful things that an Irish blessing will bring. Happiness, joy, love, and laughter, may your day be content and may you smile happily ever after! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!"

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Complete Dog Grooming Guide For At Home Pet Spa Products

We all want our fabulous pampered pooch to look great and smell fresh and clean. The reality is that dog grooming can prove to be quite intimidating for new and or inexperienced pet parents. Are you one of those pet parents that cringe every time you have to give your pooch a bath? With our 11 Step Complete Dog Grooming Guide For At Home Pet Spa Products you will soon be conducting home grooming sessions just as effortlessly as the pros do.

Dog Spa Supplies

Feeling A Little Intimidated? - That's Ok

There are plenty of literature out there from dog grooming books to even courses that teach first-time pet parents how to properly groom a dog. As intimidating as it may seem now, once you have a systematic and clear process to follow, you will be wondering why there was such a fuss in the first place.

The Secret

Thanks to Top Dog Tips, we have an exceptional infographic that outlines the 11 step process in an easy to follow format. Keep this handy and you will find your dog grooming session worries will soon become a thing of the past. Now more than ever your luxury at home pet spa products will be put to great use.  This will undoubtedly be the beginning of your next great adventure.
Step By Step Complete Dog Grooming Guide

At Home Pet Spa Products That Sparkle

So you're finally at the end and have realized it is not as intimidating as you once thought? Yes, that's the beauty of having a great clearly laid out process. Our Chic Sassy Pets luxury dog products and accessories boutique has all the dog spa supplies and pet spa products including designer dog colognes, luxury grooming supplies, and shampoos & conditioners you'll need to make your home grooming adventure even more special. Visit us and shop today! We're your destination luxury pet products boutique. Have fun bonding and grooming my fabulous pet parents and transform yesterdays shabby into tomorrows chic.
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Monday, February 12, 2018

9 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Pet

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As Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine approaches, we are reminded that the celebration of love and affection is not just a human affair. On this day, of this year, we can also show our furry family members just how much they mean to us and impact our lives. Thanks to Top Dog Tips and this fantastic infographics, we have nine fun things to do with our pet this Valentine's Day to make the day more fun and special. 

Ways to Spend Valentine's Day With Your Pet
Infographic via

Spend Time With The Ones That Matter

Celebrating Valentine's Day by spending time with your pampered pooch is a great way to express your gratitude for all the years of unconditional love and companionship that you have received. Whether it's one of 9 Ways to Spend Valentine's Day With Your Pet or simply treating your pampered pooch to a Luxury Pet Product, our pets will share a special place in our hearts this Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day my fabulous pet parents!! 
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Monday, February 5, 2018

Designer Dog Carrier Purses You Wish You Had

Fashion forward, fashionista, jetsetter, yes, you may already be familiar with these words, but these have become familiar reference points for today’s pet parents. Outward bound pioneers seeking to boldly go where no pet parent has gone before. No surprise, pet industry participants have had to find innovative ways to keep abreast with and meet the growing demands of a discerning, resource laden, pet loving, ever conscious consumer.

designer dog carrier purses

Yes, that’s us and why should we compromise when the world is undoubtedly our oyster.  Today, we have a vast array of options to choose from and when it comes to travel, to coin a phrase, “No problem.” Designer dog carrier purses and dog walking purses have redefined how we view travel with our pets. In this post we will examine just a few of the varied options available to you to make travel with your pet easy and fun.

Functional Traditional Dog Carriers

This stylish luxury dog carriers is true to form, functional, easy to carry, and perhaps most important, provide a comfortable place for your fur babies when you travel.
Traditional Designer Dog Carrier Purses

Dog Walking Purses

Sling style dog carriers provide flexibility as well as versatility in a fun hipster style designer dog bag.

Modern Sling Designer Dog Carrier Purses

Designer Dog Carrier Purses

Puppy purses and handbag style dog carriers provide a stylish, fashionable option for pet owners to carry their fur babies around. Now you can sneak your pet into places with ease and comfort knowing they are comfortable but most importantly, they are with you.  These designer dog carrier purses come in a multitude of shapes, designs, texture, color, and silhouette to suite any taste and or lifestyle.

Modern Luxury Designer Dog Carrier Purses

What Makes A Great Luxury Carrier?

Remember the days when the only option was to leave our pet at home or perhaps hire a sitter? Well, say goodbye to yesteryear and hello to todays fun, carefree, designer dog carrier purses. With the right dog travel accessories, yesterdays impossibility is now todays norm. But before you go shopping for your new carrier, consider the following must have features sure to make this your best purchase ever:
  • Durability: Select a carrier that is made from durable materials, built to last and able to withstand the test of time or whatever your fur baby dishes out.
  • Ease of use: How easy is it to load and unload your pet.
  • Ventilation: Is the ventilation sufficient.
  • The airplane test: Is your carrier airplane approved.
  • Comfort: Will my pet be comfortable during transit.
  • Cleaning: How easy is it to clean 

Easy Enough, Where Do I Get One?

So, as you search to find the perfect pet carrier accessory that is as hip and stylish as you are, have your specific criteria in hand. Make a bold choice and have fun carrying your dapper dog around my fabulous pet parents. Our Chic Sassy Pets luxury dog products and accessories boutique has all the dog walking accessories and dog travel accessories you'll ever need. Make a selection from or dog walking purses and or designer dog carrier purses. We are your destination luxury pet products boutique for one reason, we care as much about your pampered pooch as you do.  Shop today!
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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Essential Luxury Dog Products And Accessories For Every Pampered Pooch

Well, let’s face it, today’s pet parents are mobile, jet setting fashionistas and trend setting hipsters who are making bold moves with pet fashion and luxury dog clothes; What a life! You are not afraid to dress your pets and have them look as fashionable as you do, and why shouldn’t you! Gone are the days when we sit quietly by and watch the neighbors pup strut its stuff in silence, we’re getting our babies in the game and they’re here to play.

Yes, only the best for our pampered pets, and dress to impress we shall. But if you want that polished pooch overnight, and you do, what's in your home and closet?

From seasonal accessories to formal occasions there is an outfit sure to have your pup featuring the coolest styles. But being a pampered pooch isn't all about the clothes! In this post we explore our bare essential luxury dog products and accessories we believe every pampered pooch should have.  Do you have a rising star? If yes, why not roll out the red carpet and give him or her the royal treatment they deserve.

Warmth, Style, Comfort - Designer Dog Sweaters

It’s always a great idea to have on hand essential layers especially for times when it gets unreasonably cold. And why not do it in style with fashion forward luxury dog clothes such as great designer dog sweaters. These are perfect for a fashionable pup during the winter months or any occasion that warrants.

Dog Clothes Boutique

Plush Luxury - High End Dog Beds

A quiet, secluded, comfortable place to relax and unwind is a must-have in the form of a great luxury dog bed. There are myriads of options to choose from and don’t worry, you won’t have to compromise on your homes décor either. These designer style dog beds are simply just to die for, offering charming patterns, function and durability, classic colors, and stylish prints with options for dogs of all shapes and sizes; And yes, even Spike gets a bed! Let’s not forget styles, furniture style dog bedslounger dog bedsluxury dog matsround dog bedsrectangular dog beds, dog pillows, so many to choose from, the choice is yours, but of course caveats. Remember as with most things, our dogs, pets, love bugs aren’t all created equal, so think about both your needs and your pets, then have fun picking out luxury dog products and accessories you both will just be gaga over.

High End Dog Beds

Want To Rule The Dog Part?

So, who’s going to rule the dog parks? I must say my baby will certainly be the trendiest in any park, will yours? Now when you come down to brass tacks, if we may be allowed the expression, a glamorous designer dog carrier purse (this ones for you), a chic designer dog dress (this ones for her) and or a designer dog shirt, is a must have to bring the dog park to its knees. You will look fabulous carrying your baby around, and your baby will turn heads wherever you go simply from being fashionably dressed.

Getting Dressed Up Isn't Just About Clothes!

Lest we forget, getting dressed up isn’t all about the clothes. Great luxury dog products and accessories such as a luxury dog collar and designer dog lead can ideally be transformational when adorned by your pet as well, and sure to win a prize at the dog park. You have plenty to choose from, and now you’ll have a simple and safe means for you to broaden the scope of activities with your pet; Who’s in control now?

Designer Dog Leads

Did Your Pets Wardrobe Pass The Test?

So, what’s the moral of the story, well here goes. Put on your designer clothes, select your favorite carrier, dress you baby in chic, a luxury collar and lead to boot, and go rock the dog park. And if you fear your pets wardrobe is not up to par, simply visit our Chic Sassy Pets luxury dog products and accessories boutique, you'll be glad you did. Shop today!
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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Importance Of Play For Both Pet and Parent

“I’m up,” the alarm goes off, you squeeze gently into those yoga pants and off you go. What do I know about being a cyclist? You get to your spin class and immediately go to town on the latest peloton bike, not literally but figuratively. Forty-five minutes later you're home tired, refreshed and ready to take on the world, but why?

"I'm up," the alarm goes off, you hastily put on those gym pants and off you go. What do I know about being a bodybuilder? You get to your gym and of course, you ideally choose the biggest dumbbell you can find because heavy is better.  You survive your forty-five minutes of sometimes irrational thinking and return home gassed, refreshed and ready to move a mountain, but why?

"I'm up," it only takes a glimmer of daylight for you to jump excitedly on the bed ready to go.  So what if the entire household is still asleep, you're up and that's all that matters. You're ready to sink those paws into the ground and roll in the misty dew.  Twenty minutes later you return pooped, refreshed and ready to do it again, but why?

plush dog toys, plush dog toys made in usa, plush dog toys with squeakers, plush dog toys without squeakers, indestructible plush dog toys, stuffed dog toys for aggressive chewers

Whether it’s a spinning class, a gym workout or a romp in the yard, exercise or play is vital to both pet and parent. “What all play has in common is that it offers a sense of engagement and pleasure, takes the player out of a sense of time and place, and the experience of doing it is more important than the outcome.” says psychiatrist Stuart Brown, founder of the National Institute for Play in Carmel Valley, Calif.

Played Much Lately?

When's the last time you did something that was so engaging, so much fun, you lost track of time?

Play is not just essential for kids, we’ll leave this as an old wives’ tail; it can be an important source of relaxation and stimulation for adults as well. Playing with your romantic partner, yes woof, friends, co-workers, pets, and children is a sure (and fun) way to fuel your imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and emotional well-being. So as it stands, while we can’t rosé all day as we should, or play all day as we must, a healthy dose of play goes a long way.

How About Your Pet?

Now let’s think about our baby, our furry family member, yes, whether it’s chasing a ball in the yard or using the canine treadmills, exercise or play is vital in helping dogs expend pent-up energy, much more so for some more than others. Without that outlet, they may show behavioral problems that can range from destructive tendencies to attention-seeking antics. Just as surely as a couch potato would benefit from a trot around the block, a dog prone to chewing the couch or digging up a garden will find a much-needed release valve in play and exercise.

plush dog toys, plush dog toys made in usa, plush dog toys with squeakers, plush dog toys without squeakers, indestructible plush dog toys, stuffed dog toys for aggressive chewers

Often, such physical activities form an important part of resolving behavioral issues. So let’s ask it, How Often Do You Play With Your Dog? Hey, we get it, today’s pet parents are busier than ever and life happens. So while you work on your schedule, select great designer dog toys and your furry baby will thank you. But with most things take all the caveats seriously, there are myriads of toys to choose from, and simply put just make sure it’s the appropriate everything for your baby.

While we all prefer bonding, and having fun with our pets, they can also enjoy endless fun bundled in a well-chosen favorite toy or toys. So just remember, play isn’t just reserved for your canine companion, you need play as well. Have fun play my fabulous pet parents.
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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A Clean Dog Is A Happy Dog

What do I mean by "A Clean Dog Is A Happy Dog" and who the heck is that for. A well pampered pooch that's the envy of its peers and the subject of all the chatter not only looks and feels good, but smells great too. But let's be real, if a trip to the doggie spa is out of the picture, why not bring the spa to you. Today's fashionista pet parents are pulling out all the stops when it comes to their furry family members and why shouldn't you.

With a few simple rules of the road, your pampered pooch will be living in a lap of luxury and enjoying the royal treatment they deserve. As with most things moderation is the key. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the least favorite, most of us may agree that our little bundle of joy would readily check the number 10 box when it comes to taking a bath. Yes, it's that look when your pet is saying; "not sure why this is happening, don't I already do this myself!!"

So what's the deal with bathing anyway?

  1. We all love our pets and spending this quality time in the process is a great way to strengthen that bond you share with them. 
  2. Of course nothing beats a great smelling pooch when dirt and odors are removed from their coat and skin. 
  3. And something you may not think about, but bathing is a great way to protect yourself and the rest of your family members, just keeping it healthy. 

Dog Spa Supplies

How Often Should I Bathe?

How often do I bathe you may ask?  Note this is not intended for you, but I would say at least twice per day or as needed. While this may work for us humans, no robots here, keep in mind that bathing your pet too often can be detrimental to them as well. It can irritate the skin, damage hair follicles, and increase the risk of bacterial or fungal infections. So how often you may ask? The best bath frequency depends on the reason behind the bath. Keep a few simple factors in mind, including health, breed, coat, and activity level, as well as where these activities are taking place.

No mystery here, dogs who spend the day outside rolling around in things they shouldn’t really are going to need a bath far more often than ones who spend most of their time on the couch, and of course sometimes it's a simple nose test; if your dog comes into a room and you can smell him, more likely than not a bath is needed.

What bathing products do I use? 

First, think skin pH, arguably the most important when it comes to picking out the right bathing product. Our babies have sensitive skin so our choice here may or may not have a skin reaction visible by red, itchy skin and hives. Furthermore, ingestion of pet shampoo can cause symptoms like vomiting, drooling and decreased appetite. Are you worried yet? Let's face it, with so many great veterinarians available, if you’re unsure of which type of shampoo to buy, simply talk to your veterinarian, who knows your pets and their medical history and is in the best position to provide individualized recommendations.

Where do I find the right products? 

For today's pampered pets, designer dog spa products are available now more than ever. From deluxe dog shampoos, conditioners and refreshing spays to fabulous dog colognes, the world is your oyster as you can have your pet looking and smelling as great as you do. Our Chic Sassy Pets luxury dog products and accessories boutique has all your pet spa products and dog spa supplies. Visit us online, you'll be happy you did. Shop today! Choose wisely my fabulous pet parents.
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